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Buddy, Jillian, Lily and Bodhi Valentine Yellowstone tours from Red Lodge Montana

We are Buddy and Jillian Valentine - Gray Wolf Yellowstone Tours owners/guides. We're passionate about family, the outdoors, nature and wildlife, conservation, and community. After guiding Yellowstone tours, river rafting tours, and wild mustang tours for several years out of Cody, Wyoming, we decided to move to Montana and start our own tour company focused solely on Yellowstone National Park. Jillian is the cornerstone for everything family, life and business, and manages everything from babies, bills and bookings to customer service, communication, and community relations. Your naturalist/biologist guide, Buddy, has twenty years of life science research, extensive knowledge and experience guiding Yellowstone tours, and was a top rated Yellowstone guide while working in Cody, Wyoming. He is also an accomplished photographer and videographer who has produced work for clients such as Dell, Best Buy, AT&T, and Toby Keith, is the winner of two ADDY awards, and has been involved in benevolent photography and video production work around the world for several non-government organizations including The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the 1080 Initiative. Before becoming a guide in 2012, Buddy spent 20 years working for the University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine where he co-authored over a dozen medical research papers in Comparative Medicine, and taught Minimally Invasive Robotic Assisted Surgery at the University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine, Clinical Skills Education and Testing Center.

Here's our youngins.

Lily Rose Valentine


Lily Rose is 4.5 years old. She loves dinos, spiders, snakes, coloring, painting, music, books, play doh, and every creepy crawling thing alive, including her grandma, her mom, her brother, and maybe her dad. She recently announced that she is now a vegetarian and refuses to eat any meat except bacon and sausage.

Bodhi Don Valentine

Bodhi Don Valentine

Bodhi Don is 10 months old, so I guess we'll speak for him. He laughs a lot, loves his sister, his grandma, especially his mom and her breast milk, and playing with and chewing anything and everything he can get his hands on. And, we're pretty sure he likes his dad since he laughs at him a lot.